When You Move to a Place Where You Don’t Know Anyone

We’ve lived in Lubbock a little over a year now. We’ve hit all our “first” milestones, with holidays and routines and experiencing all of the seasons. We’ve added a baby. We’ve found a church home. We’ve settled into our normal, and we’re so happy and blessed where we’re at. I have had a few people … More When You Move to a Place Where You Don’t Know Anyone

Life in Bolivia

It’s always fun getting to visit different places. There are different people, with different names, different cultures, different ways of talking, different interests, different currency, different types of restaurants, different modes of transportation, different religions, different priorities, different weather, and different things that bring people together. We spent eighteen days in Bolivia, and experienced all … More Life in Bolivia

Our Tough Stuff

I came across a verse in my Bible study the other day that really struck a nerve, and has stuck with me since I read it. It’s in Psalms. Let me share it with you. Psalm 22:24 – For he has not despised or abhorred the affliction of the afflicted, and he has not hidden his … More Our Tough Stuff

A First Blog Post

Let me be honest. A first blog post feels kind of intimidating. A blank space just waiting for you to fill it up with words. Words other people will hopefully read. It makes me wonder why I’m even here. What do I have to say that is worth posting? And why would people want to read it? … More A First Blog Post