3 Reasons Why Women Are Worth Celebrating

It continually blows my mind how intricately God designed people. The concept of manhood and womanhood and how those weave around each other are particularly fascinating to me! I love watching the ways women grow into the people God made them to be, and how they display so many of God’s wonderful characteristics.

God made women so beautifully! Here are 3 reasons why I think women are worth celebrating:

1. Women bring life

The power that women have to bring life wherever they go is amazing to me. Seriously, women have been given life or death power. The tone they set can affect everyone around them, for good or for bad. Where they choose to breathe life, things flourish. Relationships, hobbies, organizations, beliefs, or homes. Where there is a life-bringing woman, there will be joy, security, and encouragement. I love this so much about women.

And there is so much room for diversity in this! Some women have strong personalities, and declare truth and life into people’s lives without hesitation. Some women are soft spoken. They bring life as they gently encourage others. It can look different. What is marvelous is that whatever bringing life looks like for you, it’s totally ok!

For more on the life-giving power of women, you can check out my blog post here.

2. Women multiply

The ability women have to multiply is awesome. And I don’t just mean child-bearing. Women have such a gift to take something that feels like nothing, and make it something.

They take houses and make them homes, they take babies and make them men and women of God, they take ingredients and make them a meal, they take a table and make it a place of connection, they take clothes and make them an outfit.

There are so many ways that women take what seems simple, what seems like not enough, and turn it into something beautiful. God made the universe, stars, oceans, and flowers out of nothing. Women so wonderfully give us a taste of what that looked like by seeing the potential in things around them and creating with them.

I would just like to say that this ability especially can look different for each individual woman. Society has formed ideas of what it looks like to be a woman, or what things you should be good at if you’re a “good” woman. You know, like the one in Proverbs 31 that none of us ever seem to feel like we can live up to.

Sweet friends, you don’t have to be anyone else. One woman’s gift may be hospitality. She might have a beautiful home with matching curtains, cute dishes, and a chalkboard menu for the week. You can say rock on to that girl, but you don’t have to be her. Another woman could be on point with every Italian dish she makes. Another might sew her own dresses or knit hats for kids with cancer. And still another might have what she feels is a “man brain,” and her womanly ability to multiply might look like taking a group of a people, making them a team, teaching them to run like a well-oiled machine, and creating something beautiful of them.

It doesn’t have to look a certain way. Friend, find what you’re good at, what gifts you have been blessed with. You don’t have to be good at everything, and you don’t have to be good at what the girl next door is good at. You can always grow in areas that you’re not naturally good at, but don’t be jealous or wish you were someone else or had their giftings. You. Do. You. And go multiply and make something from nothing.

3. Women make people around them great

This is another one of my favorite woman super powers. Women are support machines. Really. They have the power to make people go above and beyond what they ever would normally. Women believe things are possible, and they encourage everyone else around them to get there.

Women are believers in people. They are so good at asking the question, What does this person need in order to make them better? Some women don’t even consciously ask this, yet there they are calling out, pep talking, casting vision for, advising, encouraging, or having coffee with another person who needs it. Women are so good at this!

I love what this looks like when women make the other women around them great! When they join together, women are unstoppable. When they choose to work together, encouraging one another, being open and honest and real and a blessing to one another, it is amazing! So often, we as women can view other women as threats, as competition, as someone to compare ourselves to. My friends, be committed to loving other women where they are at, giving grace, using your words for their good, never talking bad about someone behind their back, and taking the risk in being honest. The women around you will be greater because of it.

It also amazes me how great that a woman can make a man. When a man has a woman supporting him, he becomes a superhero and can do so many things above and beyond his call of duty. When a woman sets her mind to make a man around her great, when she supports him, cheers him on, and gives him her loyalty it does magical things for him. He rises higher, stands taller, believes in himself more, and would take on the world for her. If you want to make the men around you great, be positive, encourage them, and identify and meet their needs. And watch as they become great.

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