A First Blog Post

Let me be honest. A first blog post feels kind of intimidating. A blank space just waiting for you to fill it up with words. Words other people will hopefully read.

It makes me wonder why I’m even here. What do I have to say that is worth posting? And why would people want to read it?

In short, I’m here because I want to change lives. In all the best ways. I want to help people. I want to be transparent. I want to be somewhere to go if you need truth, if you need encouragement, or if you need a pick-me-up pep talk. If writing blog posts is an avenue I can take to do that, then let’s have at it.

I want to be real. There isn’t enough of that going around these days. Our interactions with people, or blog posts for that matter, can be limited to the picture-perfect Pinterest version of someone. Sometimes we just need a good dose of broken ugly-cry, laughing so hard you snort, or joined celebration of your small victories.

I want people to see the real me. To see my real family. In our good moments, in our bad moments, in our moments we’re being stretched and learning a lot.

And I want to be able to share along the way.

I hope I can bring some encouragement, some learned lessons, some truth, and some joy to anyone who would like some.

So welcome, friend. Join our journey. For real.

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